Stuff That Sucks
  1. Being fooled by transvestites
  2. TV actors and actresses who get paid $25,000 an episode, then bitch about not getting paid enough and go on strike
  3. Misspelled graffiti
  4. People who wear rollerblades everywhere
  5. Rich people who win the lottery
  6. People who hold their fingers up for quotation marks
  7. Pauly Shore movies
  8. People who insist on calling the internet the "Information Superhighway."
  9. T-shirts with stupid slogans on the back
  10. People who shout "I want to fuck you like an animal" at Nine Inch Nails concerts
  11. Being fooled by transvestites twice
  12. Trying to start one of those clapping things during a song, but no one joins in so you look like an idiot
  13. Bands that combine music styles that don't really go well together, like "Rap punk" or "Industrial grunge rap."
  14. Those stupid No Fear shirts
  15. People with 3 names who insist on being called by all 3 names
  16. People who automatically think industrial is "Satanic devil worshipper music."
  17. Locking your keys in the car
  18. Locking your keys in the house
  19. New moms who bring their bawling babies to the movies with them
  20. People who ALWAYS interrupt when you're talking to someone else
  21. "Show me the money."
  22. Actors who play the same character in all their movies, like Pauly Shore and Jim Carrey
  23. 13 year old kids having sex
  24. Dead 60's bands trying to make comebacks
  25. MTV telling people what bands are cool
  26. People who let MTV dictate what bands are cool
  27. Frat boys
  28. Pretty girls who smoke
  29. Corporations anally raping the working class to make a profit
  30. Guys who have everything, i.e. looks, money, a nice car, smooth talkers, pretty girls chasing after them
  31. Professors who write shitty textbooks that don't explain anything
  32. Mainstream bands charging $100 per concert ticket