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Finally! I update this page. Well, not really. I don't know if I'm gonna do Stuff anymore. I was starting to lose the "spirit" while I was making the last issue. I was running out of things to write about.
    But lately I've felt that urge, that kick, that craving to make a zine again. I got my groove back. I know I want to make a zine again. It'll probably be similar to Stuff, just a collection of contect about various things. I want to write some informative articles too, maybe some instructional stuff, and I want more art, more drawings, photography, and so on.
    I don't think I'm gonna call it Stuff anymore though. That name's kind of old, and besides, there's also a mainstream magazine called Stuff, even though I had it first. Bastards.

Things To Do
A list of things to do when you want to be counterproductive. Or, you've heard of those lists people make of things they want to do before they reach a certain age, like visit Paris or plant a tree or some other wussy crap like that. Well, this can be your list.

Hollywood is well known for its cliches. The good guy always wins, or the guy always gets the girl, stuff like that. It's my theory that all movies use the same cliches, just in different ways. The following is a list of how some cliches are used in different types of movies. From issue 3.

Excerpts from my fictionalized diary

Prank Call Ideas
Everyone's heard of those prank calls where you call someone and you ask for Mike Rotch, or Al Coholic, or I. P. Freely, or you call someone and ask if their refrigerator is running, then you tell them to chase it. Anyway, here are some more ideas for prank calls. Some of them arenít exactly pranks, but I put them here anyway cause I donít know where else to put them. From issue 4.

The Restroom Door
This is a story I wrote about a girl, a concert, and a weird dream. From issue 5.

Stuff That Sucks
These are things that piss me off. From issues 3 through 6.

Outdoor Games
Well, itís summer again (I wrote this in July) and that means barbecues and parties. And, of course, that means cheesy party and outdoor games. Here are a few suggestions and ideas for games to play. From issue 5.

7 Jobs
This is a list of 7 jobs I'd like to have if I didn't have morals or care about money or the law. From issue 6.

The Procrastinating Gift Giver
I'm sure everyone's had the experience of trying to find a gift at the last minute. You're running around, getting desperate, and you end up giving beef jerky scented deodorant. But with this list, instead of waiting till the last minute to buy something, you can wait till the last minute and use this list. From issue 7.

The Key Club Convention
This is my account of the annual Key Club convention. I'm surprised to admit it, but I actually had a good time. This is from issue 8.