Outdoor Games

-Get 10 people to line up in 2 lines of 5 people each. The first person has to hold an egg against her chest with her chin, she turns around, and the second person has to take the egg between his chin and chest. No hands allowed. The first line to get the egg to the last person without dropping it wins.

-The same thing as above, but with a knife instead of an egg.

-Everybody gets in the pool, and one person is designated as "Marco." Marco is blindfolded, and everybody else spreads out. Marco has to shout, "Marco," and everybody else replies, "Polo." Marco has to try to touch the other people by following their voices.

-The same thing as above, except Marco gets a baseball bat, and whenever someone responds, Marco swings the bat as hard as he can in that direction.

-Two people stand about a hundred feet apart and one person throws a frisbee to the other. The other catches the frisbee and throws it back.

-The same as above, except that a wrench is used instead of a frisbee.

-Ten people pair up and form teams, and their legs are tied together for a three-legged race.

-The same as above, except one person has to walk on his hands.

-For this game, adults and children are needed. The adults form a line in the middle of a clearing with about 5 feet of space between each other. The goal of this game is for the children to reach the other end of the clearing by running through the wall of adults, while the adults try to stop the children. If a child is caught, he or she has to join the adults.

-The same as above, except the adults are replaced with a chain-link or solid brick wall.

-Fill up a piņata with candy and have the kiddies break it open

-Fill up a car with candy and have the kiddies break it open