Scenes as depicted by different types of movies

Action Film

Slapstick Comedy

Horror Film

Porno Film

Disney Film

Man finds suitcase full of money

Man quits job, spends rest of life fighting crime as the real life Batman.

Man goes on shopping spree, racking up a huge bill, before finding out it's actually Monopoly money.

Money actually belongs to homicidal maniac; maniac comes looking for his money.

Man hires a bunch of high priced hookers to "celebrate," has orgy.

Man donates money to orphanage, city builds statue in his honor, man eventually runs for president and wins.

Student is failing classes

Student buys a hand gun, goes back and kills all his teachers.

Student spends months studying, finally passes, then finds out his grades were mixed up with someone else's.

Student goes to library to study, homicidal librarian hacks him to pieces and hides the body parts.

Student stays after school with sexy young teacher for some "extra credit opportunities."

Student studies and studies, finally passes, parents buy him a new car, all the top colleges want him.

Young boy runs away from home

Boy runs out of money, joins four other youths in a blood-soaked diamond store robbery.

Boy moves in with best friend's family, finds out friend's family members are actually from outer space.

Boy joins circus, then is hacked to pieces by psychopath disguised as ringmaster.

Boy moves in with horny older woman as her "servant."

Boy wanders around country, gets in hilarious adventures, finally decides home is the best place to be.

Young actress auditions for the leading role in a movie

Actress finds out she was actually auditioning to be a hitman, then she's sent to kill the president.

Actress shows up at wrong audition, gets starring role in dog food commercial.

Actress becomes famous, is stalked by homicidal maniac who kidnaps her and hacks her to pieces.

Actress is at first rejected, then is told she will get the role if she passes the special "sex audition" with director.

Some other girl is hired, she becomes sick, actress takes her place and becomes world famous.

Aliens visit the earth

At first aliens seem friendly, then they take over the world and humans are assimilated as slaves.

Aliens try to fit in, wear clothes wrong and use wrong kind of slang, then accidentally melt the moon.

Flesh eating zombies feed on small midwest town; zombies turn out to be aliens from outer space, and more are coming.

Aliens abduct young couples to conduct bizarre, kinky sex experiments. Aliens are accepted by humans, help bring world peace and solve hunger, world becomes better place.

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love

Boy and girl go on date in bad part of town, end up getting chased by gang bangers, the police, FBI, and the mafia.

Boy picks up girl for date, actually takes out girl's identical twin, doesn't know until the end.

Girl breaks up with boy, boy becomes enraged and stalks girl, kidnaps her and hacks her to pieces.

Boy takes girl out to movie, accidentally go into porno theater, boy and girl then have wild sex during movie.

Boy and girl get married, have kids, and live happily ever after.