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A Short Intro

If you've been here before, you might have noticed something, besides the fact that I still don't have animated gifs. I've completely remodeled this site! The old page was starting to look dated. Some of the content is still the same, but the appearance is entirely new.
     If this is your first time here, this webpage always looked like this. All the images are animated. If you don't see anything moving your computer is too slow and should be upgraded immediately.
     This is the web version of my now defunct zine Stuff. As the definition says, Stuff is a collection of worthless things. It's just made up of whatever. Humor, fiction, commentaries, stuff like that. I always try to have a mix of things, and future issues might have articles about...uh...stuff. Right now there aren't a lot of serious articles because I don't know enough to sound like I know what I'm talking about. So anyway, here it is. Enjoy. Like, bon appetit or whatever.
     This page is made up of stitched together parts from issues 1 through 9. I'm not going to stick the entire issues here because Stuff isn't and will never become a web zine. Maybe I'll change things once in a while.